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Kit for arcade to USB controller 2 players mame

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This list is for 2 Player Arcade DIY Parts Kit For Arcade MAME JAMMA & Arcade Fight Games project.

Perfect Kit for 2Player Arcade PC Game DIY Project!
For wood or metal control panels and mount in 1-1/8" hole.
Microswitches included and Microswitches tested to 10,000,000 cycles.
Replace or build video arcade, emulator, and MAME cabinet controls.
100% Zero Delay USB Interface PCB! Support Auto-Fire Mode!

2 x Zero Delay Keyboard Encoder
2 x USB Cables
26 x 2Pin Wire cables for Buttons
2 x 8 Way Happ Style Joystick with bat top ball handle (Big Size,
Red and Black)

16 x Happ Style Push Button(Red and Black)
18 x Microswitch for the Push Button
1 x 1P Start Push Button 
1 x 2P Start Push Button


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